the artist

hello "mimosas," pleasure to meet you!

I’m all exited about having a wonderland place to be connected and sharing all our crazy and magical ideas!

This is a place for you to feel loved and heard, your fashion dreams and taste.

A little hummingbird told me you want to meet the person behind the scene.  Although, the idea of talking about myself is not my cup of tea, i would really love for you to get to know me and my little assistance “Chocolat” (a yorkypoo) a little bit.

Well…we really love nature_ and my mind is always abuzz with its textures and colors for my jewelry collections.

Since I remember, I have been fascinated with the infinite combinations that results from those elements…(A trip!)


I ended-up doctored in Chemistry and Pharmacy and somewhere along the road, I embarked into my other passion: Fashion Design.

Although I don’t believe this is the most conventional combination out there- ( I use it a lot when baking though LOL) it’s what it makes me feel myself.  


“It is not the simplistic idea about fashion what I relate to, but the three-dimensional creative aspect of it.”

“I truly believe that doing what you love with passion is what makes you happy. “

This is what I had in mind when I first begun this whole adventure:

“to encourage women to be happy through being their own selves by expressing their beauty statement in this world we live in.”

With every decision I’ve made regarding the design of each piece and everything in between, I’ve tried to keep in mind:

“The uniqueness, strength, playfulness, and beauty of every woman who might come across my line of jewelry.

“Mimosa J” is an assortment of jewelry collections meant to communicate all of these wonderful qualities.

That is why I regard my pieces as your soulmate jewelry:
because, just like a soulmate, they highlight the best in you and make you feel strong and beautiful in your own way.

I hope that, as you browse through this website and look at my collections,
you would feel inspired to love yourself and live your life the best way you can!
We all deserve the happiness that comes through doing this.

With much love and gratitude,
soraya j