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welcome to mimosas kingdom

“life is too short  

live it in full.”

your story is our story

and every collection, each piece, and all that is to create them;

the design, the stones, the colors…is planned with you in mind!

Crazy about you

Knowing all about you, is our madness. Your dreams and all the moments that make your life so special... The thoughts in your mind when you wake- up, the pleasure of seeping your favorite tea/coffee, and how you want to express your soul. Yeah... We know you like to wear love and happiness!

You're our inspiration

Hello there!

“The opportunity of being able to share all what is inside of my world and the way I look at things is not only a great joy but an amazing and powerful experience!”
∫oraya J. ∼ mimosa j ceo-founder

*Mimosa j* is a fashion jewelry brand for the unique-strong woman, who seeks ways to express her individuality.

Not ruled by the latest trend, you find in *Mimosa j* your own sense of style either when you are adventuring in a new passion or just laughing and loving life.

You love to know mimosa j pieces are a gateway to be the best version of yourself.

“Mimosas” are women who enjoy inspiring others to be exceptional and, under that individuality, value love, integrity, and kindness with lots of fun.

That’s why I love to create, design, innovate, and go crazy for you!

Mimosa j was born on a breezy afternoon. Longing to express happiness and love, I design and create beautiful pieces that kindle a moment in time when family and friends get together on a Sunday brunch, enjoying the bubbling sound of Mimosas.

I want you to know…

…that all “Mimosa j” pieces are designed and artistically created in my studio in Memphis, TN.
Curated materials, high quality production, and sustainable pieces, along with unique beauty, are important factors in every jewelry.

I hope that when you wear a piece of mimosa j, you will find your soulmate jewelry ♥

With lots of love and gratitude,


soraya j.

Hello from all of us, pleasure to meet you!

At *mimosa j*, our love and passion is create unique pieces for you.

We thrive to produce goodness by making every collection by hand, choosing the best quality in all materials.

There is a story embedded in each piece, in every element and color, so when you wear it…It becomes one with you.

We are a small team and happy to do what we do…we thought you’ll appreciate it.

mimosa j team ♥
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